Holistic health care incoporates the mind body and spirit, which are interwoven and interacting all the time.

The mind.. our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, affect the body and our physical health.

Our spirit is the soul – the essence of us -and while we are perfect in essence through our past lives we bring past energies, karma, memories and ancestral “baggage” into the picture.

Healing is a journey rather than a singular event and there are layers. As you dig a little deeper you can clear something and feel great and then something else comes up and we dig down again Anything that has affected you emotionally that hasn’t been resolved, either through stuffing it down and hoping it will go away or even forgetting that it is there and losing conscious awareness of it will continue to affect your health and what you create in the world around you.

Negative feelings are made of low vibrational energy that keeps you in an unhealthy state and as we all release those energy into the world around us, we lower the vibration of the planet.

Clearing these things makes room for new opportunities to come into your life and creates a healthy balance in mind, body and spirit.