Tarot ReadingsLife is full of ups and downs. Often we have to make difficult decisions and sometimes we are left wondering why life is unfolding the way it is.

We wonder what we can do to achieve our dreams, where our blocks lie, how we can best help our loved ones and what the future may bring.

I focus on the meaning of a persons life rather than predicting the future as every person is on their own journey and we all have free will but the tarot can show you the direction you are heading in and how to steer yourself onto a better course.

It can also serve as a lovely reminder that your spirit guides and angels are never far away and that you are loved by the universe.

I incorporate astrology and other esoteric knowledge into my readings which are always confidential and aimed at empowering you on your journey.

I can also send distant healing.


TAROT READING  £25 for half an hour

Please call / text  07427 750 044  or email GeriFlameTreeTherapies@yahoo.com